Starkey – Best Of 2013


[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Gilbere Forte – PRAY (Prod By Raak).mp3, Woodkid – Run Boy Run.mp3, Apparat – A Violent Sky.mp3, Aquadrop – Butter Bombs.mp3, King – Crew Anthem.mp3, King – Getn Up.mp3, King – SOFL.mp3, London Future and Djemba Djemba – Look At Me Now feat. Ifa Sayo.mp3, Mace – Middle Finger Gospel.mp3, Starkey – Numb (feat. P-Money).mp3, Tricky ft. Nneka – Nothing Matters.mp3, Olafur Arnalds – For Now I Am Winter (Feat. Arnor Dan).mp3″ list=”no” style=”outline nolistbutton”]

We asked Starkey to list his favorite releases from 2013. Here’s the result:


01 – Woodkid “The Golden Age”

This album really grew on me throughout the year and Woodkid pretty much nailed it with his live show that I had the pleasure of seeing in Philly this Fall. It was sick musically and visually. He’s a great artist…. and this is really an album you can listen to from start to finish and enjoy the journey.


02 – Apparat “Krieg und Frieden (Music For Theatre)”

Love what Apparat did with this release. It’s another one that’s been on repeat since it came out.


03 – Starkey presents “Street Bass Anthems Vol. 6”

This is the 6th installment in our Seclusiasis Street Bass Anthems series, and it was once again my time to curate the release. Everyone came with their A-Game for this one. It’s really fun to be able to work with so many great artists and producers, that come from different backgrounds, and figure out how to make a compilation like this feel like a cohesive listen from start to finish.


04 – Olafur Arnalds “For Now I Am Winter”

Iceland’s crazy… there’s so much good music that comes from there, Johann Johannssonn, Bjork, Mum, Sigur Ros… the list goes on. Olafur Arnalds is in that great line of musicians/composers/producers where you can really hear the emotion in the music.


05 – Peter Broderick “Float 2013”

This is a re-issue / remaster of Peter Broderick’s first album, and when he does these stripped back compositions, he smashes it. Erased Tapes is a sick label as well… they put out some really great stuff in 2013.


06 – Tricky “False Idols”

I’m a huge fan of the first 4 or so Tricky albums… and this release definitely felt like he was going back to that raw energy of his early records. In interviews I’ve heard him say that he just let the tracks happen, and didn’t really try to make a specific kind of sound with the album, and I think it really worked.


07 – King “Koncepts”

We put out King’s debut full-length on our Seclusiasis label this year. King’s sound is unlike anyone else working in the “bass” scene right now. He’s kind of a chameleon in that he can do so many different sounds so well, but there’s always this thing that ties them all together and makes them very “King” sounding. I really like that about this album… it doesn’t get stale.


08 – Gilbere Forte “Pray”

Gilbere is a good dude, he’s been to my studio a couple times. He has an ear for good beats, and knows how to really craft a good song. He just signed to Epic this year, so I’m really looking forward to hearing what he’s working on for his major label debut.


09 – Djemba Djemba & London Future ft. Ifa Sayo “Look At Me Now”

One of the sickest tunes of this year. I can’t get the vocal and that lead out of my head. UGHHH.


10 – All the unreleased DJ Pound tracks. (yeah sorry… not a real release.)

We’re working on a DJ Pound release for Seclusiasis for early 2014, and he’s just go so much sick music. They’re some of my favorite tracks to play in the club as well. Dude’s got a real raw sound that I just really enjoy.