A VOLTA Presents: Best Of 2012 So Far by Alyce (Ear Milk)

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As férias acabaram e já estamos de volta com mais algumas listas de melhores de 2012 (até agora) que ficaram esperando aqui nos rascunhos. O convidado da vez é a Alyce Currier, editora do blog Ear Milk. Ela selecionou os seus cinco releases favoritos do ano até agora. Clique em “Ler Mais” para conferir a lista completa com os streams.


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These aren’t in any particular order, but they’re the things that have stood out the most for me and been most likely to enter repeat rotation. – Alyce Currier


John Talabot – ƒin

“If anyone ever wants to argue with you that electronic music has no emotion, let Barcelona producer John Talabot’s LP ƒin be your counterpoint. He blends a wide variety of styles, with the album drawing from everything from Detroit techno to Chicago house to galactic destiny. Transcending barriers between dance music tracks and songs that the most dance-music-averse listener could dig, this has to be one of 2012’s most multipurpose albums, bridging barriers between danceable, ambient, esoteric, and poppy.”

(via Permanent Vacation, February 6, 2012) / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
STREAM: John Talabot – Destiny (feat. Pional)
[audio:John Talabot – Destiny (feat. Pional).mp3]
STREAM: John Talabot – So will be now… (feat. Pional)
[audio:John Talabot – So will be now… (feat. Pional).mp3]


Tomas Barfod – Salton Sea

“Much along the same lines as John Talabot, but obviously standing out as a separate artist with his own sensibilities, Tomas Barfod’s latest work Salton Seafeatures a wide variety of tracks that feel comfortable together as an album but also cover the full spectrum from ambient music to poppier tracks. Remixes by names like Salva and Shlohmo accompany the two related releases, EPs for “Broken Glass” and “Came to Party”, probably the two most immediately catching tracks on the album. Also have to give him a nod for doing a good job with vocals in electronic music.”

(via Friends of Friends,  May 22, 2012) / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
STREAM: Tomas Barfod – Broken Glass
[audio:Tomas Barfod – Broken Glass.mp3]
STREAM: Tomas Barfod – November Skies (feat. Nina Kinert)
[audio:Tomas Barfod – November Skies (feat. Nina Kinert).mp3]


Le1f – Dark York

“Le1f’s Dark York is probably most well-known for being “gay rap,” but as refreshing as the lack of gender normativity here is (in a genre where that’s not so common), it’s kind of too bad that it’s so often reduced to that. Le1f blends his mixture of witticisms and mumbling with guest production from some tried-and-true beatmakers like Nguzunguzu and 5kinAndBone5 to make a mixtape that, while it has its ups and downs, is definitely unique and a standout for 2012 so far.”

(via Greedhead,  April 18, 2012) / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
STREAM: Le1f – &Gomorrah
[audio:Le1f – andGomorrah.mp3]
STREAM: Le1f – Gimme Life (produced by Nguzunguzu)
[audio:Le1f – Gimme Life (produced by Nguzunguzu).mp3]


Trust – TRST

“When TRST first came out, I had it on a near-constant loop, as did many of my friends. This resulted in the sad scenario of eventually deeming the album “overplayed,” despite its merits. Trust, consisting of Robert Alfons and Austra’s Maya Postepski, make dark, catchy synth music that’s just as pleasing to indie kids as it is to rave babies. If you’ve managed to miss out on this album so far this year, you’re definitely in for a treat when you check it out.”

(via Arts & Crafts, February 28, 2012) / Facebook / Twitter
STREAM: Trust – Sulk
[audio:Trust – Sulk.mp3]
STREAM: Trust – Shoom
[audio:Trust – Shoom.mp3]


Arca – Stretch 1

“If my measurement of “best albums of 2012” was based solely on the factor of “which releases people thanked me the most for introducing them to” then there’s no doubt Arca would come out on top. Stretch 1 is an EP, not an LP, and I was trying to limit this list to full-lengths, but since he has an equally amazing full length coming out August 6, it feels totally appropriate to highlight him, and really, you’ve got to hear both. Arca’s making music that feels totally fresh amidst a lot of cookie-cutters, tracks that are totally different from one another and yet feel totally natural alongside one another. I think maybe this dude’s captured the collective consciousness of underground music without restraints.”

(via UNO NYC, April 19, 2012)Soundcloud
[audio:Arca – DOEP.mp3]
STREAM: Arca – Focus
[audio:Arca – Focus.mp3]