A VOLTA Presents: Best Of 2012 So Far by The Blue Walrus

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Direto de Londres, o blog The Blue Walrus, liderado por Tim Dickinson, selecionou os seus cinco artistas favoritos de 2012 (até agora). Clique em ‘Ler mais” para encontrar a lista de sugestões completa.

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01. Alt-J

“We may have unearthed Alt-J last year, and even introduced Breezeblocks on 6Music back in September – but it has been 2012 that has seen the band’s well deserved rise into the public consciousness with the release of the breathtaking debut album An Awesome Wave, and that record has been on repeat more than anything else at Walrus HQ so far this year.”

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STREAM: Alt-J – Breezeblocks
[audio:Alt-J – Breezeblocks.mp3]
STREAM: Alt-j – Bloodflood
[audio:Alt-j – Bloodflood.mp3]
STREAM: Alt-J – Fitzpleasure
[audio:Alt-J – Fitzpleasure.mp3]



“One listen to Heart by Irish producer MMOTHS featuring the vocals of Keep Shelley In Athens and I was swooning. He then followed that up with the delicately crafted and sublime EP1 and most recently Folding which is a hypnotic delight.”

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[audio:MMOTHS – Folding.mp3]
STREAM: MMOTHS – Heart (feat. Keep Shelli In Athens)
[audio:MMOTHS – Heart (feat. Keep Shelli In Athens).mp3]
STREAM: MMOTHS – Summer (Feat. Superhumanoids)
[audio:MMOTHS – Summer (Feat. Superhumanoids).mp3]


03. Noosa

“Although I only found them relatively recently, Noosa’s debut EP is the most perfect pop record I’ve heard all year as it ebbs and flows from the rich beauty of Walk On By to the sun worshipping of Sail. This will be the soundtrack of my summer.”

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STREAM: Noosa – Walk On By
[audio:Noosa – Walk On By.mp3]
STREAM: Noosa – Sail
[audio:Noosa – Sail.mp3]


04. Clock Opera

“I have been raving about Clock Opera ever since super-cool French label Kitsune released Once And For All back in 2010, but 2012 was the year that we finally saw an album from Guy Connelly & co in Ways To Forget, and it is the masterpiece that everyone who had ever heard them or more importantly seen them live were hoping it would be.”

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STREAM: Clock Opera – Once And For All
[audio:Clock Opera – Once And For All.mp3]
STREAM: Clock Opera – Lesson No. 7.
[audio:Clock Opera – Lesson No. 7.mp3]


05. Arthur Beatrice

“It only took one listen to the key change in Arthur Beatrice’s debut single Midland and I was hooked. The drums are hypnotic, the sound dancey and expansive, but it is the glorious vocals of Ella Girardot that really make you step back and take notice. They are stunning on record and live, and we will hopefully be seeing a lot more of them in the coming months.”

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STREAM: Arthur Beatrice – Midland
[audio:Arthur Beatrice – Midland.mp3]