A VOLTA Presents: Best of 2012 So Far – Gianni Lee (Babylon Cartel)

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Aproveitando que já estamos no meio do ano, resolvemos fazer um “guia” de melhores de 2012 até agora. Como já rolou muita coisa e sabemos que é impossível abordar tudo que teve de legal, decidimos convidar nossos amigos blogueiros/artistas para compartilhar com a gente as suas músicas favoritas do ano até agora. Para a primeira edição da série, temos o Gianni lee, criador das mixtapes Trill Wave e também dono da Babylon Cartel. Confira a lista feita por ele logo abaixo.










Kilo Kish





“Kilo Kish’s antics amazes me. They way I found out about here amazes me even more. It was through a twitter bio, I never usually check out twitter bios, but I happen to be on my homie J.Scott’s twitter page and thats how I found out about Kilo Kish. (J.Scott is A$AP Rocky’s DJ and is manager to Kilo Kish) so says his twitter bio. I click on Kilo Kish and went straight to her website. ( which is so clean ). I clicked on her project, and downloaded it. The events that followed can’t be described but I fell in love with her sing-songy delivery and how she manages to come across as if (she could care less about the rap-game) but still deliver a great track. Kilo Kish’s approach is rather unorthodox , and her production is provided by the Odd Future subsidiary group The Internet which even further catapults her potential to blow. under the right label she can be come successful and I see her brand going even further than she can imagine. “

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STREAM: Kilo Kish – Navy (prod. The Internet)
[audio:Kilo Kish – Navy (prod. The Internet).mp3]


Asaad – #White (Mixtape)



“Asaad is at an interesting time in his young career. He is the youngest veteran I know. I actually at one time thought he was older than me, and that is how wise he is when it comes to the music industry, nevertheless Asaad has released some great projects and has built a cool brand in only under 6 months. Asaad released Dirty Middle Class which in all honesty changed the rap game. Asaad formula ( according to me ) is quite simple. Take influence from all generes but always remain true to being a lyricist. Asaad is not trill, but he also is not what we would call street or hood. Then again he is closer to street than anything. My point is, Asaad music is so good that Fashion houses in Paris will bump it but so will trap houses in Atlanta in Philadelphia. Asaad’s appeal is solid enough to have him making money in both demographics. Listening to Asaad’s latest project “White” made me eve more of a believer. “

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STREAM: Asaad – Have Fun
[audio:ASAAD – Have Fun.mp3]
STREAM: Asaad – Dirty White Leathers (produced by Nascent & QB)
[audio:Asaad – Dirty White Leathers (produced by Nascent and QB).mp3]


Grande Marshall – GODBPM (Single)



“On Grande Marshall’s cover for Robert Earl he is wearing a Babylon Cartel sweat shirt. (Thats not why he is on this list) Grande Marshall has found a happy medium with releasing quality product, maintaining his mystery, and making people wait. For Grande to be so young ( 18 ) this is an amazing accomplishment. Grande has that “trill” sound but he doesnt actually claim it. Which is a good thing, Grande would much rather create his own lane and his own sound. Listening to GODBPM just got me excited for his new project, and the fact that he is something new and original from Philadelphia makes him something to really look out for. “

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STREAM: Grande Marshall – GODBPM (Prod. Worthy)
[audio:Grande Marshall – GODBPM (Prod. Worthy).mp3]


Luvstep 3





“Luvstep is an original mix by Mad Decent DJs Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix. Luvstep is what we can call a re-incarnation of everything that made Dubstep cool, but with a more melodic and generally relatable feel to it. I am in no way saying that original dubstep is not relatable, but this Luvstep is what you can play when your chilling with your girlfriend. Luvstep is a collection of original works from producers from all over the world that were carefully picked and curated by the two above mentioned DJs. Luvstep is in constant rotation and the mix is unbelievable. You must listen! “

STREAM: Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix – Luvstep 3


Amber London – 1994 (EP)





“Amber London hands down is my favorite new MC of 2012 and 2013. Amber London is raw, her flow reminds me of Gangsta Boo x Tupac. He style is straight 90s, with that Aaliyah swag. Amber London has all the makings to be a success in an industry of facsimiles. The fact that she is a woman and she represents everything opposite of the Nicki Minaj mold is what garnishes her even more respect. The RVIDXR KLVN princess released a visual called LOW MF KEY and an EP called 1994.”

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STREAM: Amber London – Low MF Key


Lana Del Rey – Born To Die





“Lana Del Ray’s mystery is what makes her extremely dope. Her branding keeps her in this time portal on 1960. I see it in every visual that she releases , if you never saw her in concert live, you would believe that you were watching an artist that may even be dead right now. YUP. Thats what Lana Del Ray’s image is all about, that yesteryear golden age swag. Any how , Lana strikes me woman who is a direct representation of everything that is going right in culture. Social Issues , Race Issues , and everything above Lana Del Ray thwarts at every turn, and shows us that we can in-fact be ourselves. Lana Del Ray represents NEW. Songs such as Carmen shows speaks to us. I know a carmen, and now if I only knew Lana. “

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STREAM: Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (Clams Casino Remix)
[audio:Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (Clams Casino Remix).mp3]
STREAM: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
[audio:Lana Del Rey – Born To Die.mp3]
STREAM: Lana Del Rey – Off to the Races
[audio:Lana Del Rey – Off to the Races.mp3]


DJ Swizzy Mack





“DJ Swizzy Mack is a monster, at only the age of 18 his Soundcloud has already hit over 1,000,000 views with his infectious take on a popular new spin-off of Baltimore Club Music called Philly Club. With people like Diplo and Dirty South Joe (LUVSTEP) so signing him, its hard to imagine that Swizzy will be slowing down anytime soon. Swizzy has recently released collaborations with Diplo as well as Xaphoon Jones from Chiddy Bang.”

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STREAM: Major Lazer – Original Don (Dj Swizzymack Remix)
[audio:Major Lazer – Original Don (Dj Swizzymack Remix).mp3]


DJ Sliink





“DJ Sliink comes from the same imprint as DJ SwizzyMack. ( Kid that started out making party music but now has a global appeal ) DJ Sliink makes jersery club which is another spin-off of Baltimore club but has its own groove and swing that stands alone from both Philly & Baltimore Club. DJ Sliink has been touring as of late because of his music and has even done remixes with his own “Cartel Music” imprint as well as bigger acts such as Flosstradamous.”

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STREAM: Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink – Test Me
[audio:Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink – Test Me.mp3]


Paris Artelli





“Paris Artelli is one of those guys that you don’t find too often. The Rapper/Producer/Designer/Singer ( Yes, Paris can sing too. ) has been making music in Philadelphia for a few years since he graduated from Girard College. His former release “1000” was a great collection of tales from a kid growing up in an urban environment. With tales of women, school, and life as an artist Paris Artelli paints a vivid picture amongst melodies designed by him and his partner in-crime “Manny Wit Da Beats”. Paris followed 1000 up with many projects such as “The Streets is Twatchin” and even our own project CHXPPXDNSCRXWXD which was a collection of our favorite songs chopped in a new way known as Neou Chop. Paris has talent and a work ethic to match, which is why he is one of the “Best of 2012” “

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STREAM: Paris Artelli – WHO DAT IS?
[audio:Paris Artelli – WHO DAT IS.mp3]
STREAM: Paris Artelli – Trocadero Live Mix
[audio:Paris Artelli – Trocadero Live Mix.mp3]







“Space Ghost Purrp is what many call The innovator of the “trill wave” sound. The slowed-up, dark , melodic and monotonous rhythms that have been invading many teenagers ipods over the past 3 years. Event hough his sound is just now starting to be noticed the RXIDXR KLVN leader has been hard at work in South Florida. The self proclaimed “Osiris of The East” has a dark sound that can be matched by none. Many of the songs he released gained a large following even though they were not mastered properly. This comes to show you if the music is good it will make it to your fans no matter what the circumstances are. Space Ghost Purrp also has production credits for such songs as Pretty Flacko ( A$AP Rocky ) and T.A.P. ( Wiz Khalifa + Juicy J )”

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STREAM: SpaceGhostPurrp – Tha Black God
[audio:SpaceGhostPurrp – Tha Black God.mp3]
STREAM: Spaceghostpurrp – Grind On Me
[audio:Spaceghostpurrp – Grind On Me.mp3]
STREAM: A$AP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp)
[audio:ASAP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp).mp3]