FEATURE: Best Of 2k11 by Fool’s Gold

By December 30, 2011All, Lists

Seleção feita pelos californianos da banda Fool’s Gold. As dicas ficaram por conta dos líderes do grupo Luke Top e Lewis Pesacov. Sem dúvidas a lista mais interessante até agora.



Bombino – Agadez

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Amazing young rebel guitarist from the deserts of Niger! We were excited to have had two extended jam sessions with him earlier this Fall in Paris- his cousin went crazy in the audience pumping his fist in the air, pounding the stage and dancing like mad with all the French women.”


Greatful Dead – Europe ’72 (Reissue)

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“Remastered with bonus material from the Grateful Dead’s iconic, triple live album documenting their historic trek across Europe. With this album the Dead set the highest standard for how a rock band can open up their songs and let them take on a life of their own in the context of live performance. Perfect timing for a re-release as this year is 5072 in the Hebrew calendar…”




Asmara All Stars – Wushate

“Really interesting collection of songs on this album, this track is by far my favorite. Soulful and transcendent.”

Bombino – Tar Hani

“The somewhat subdued tracks from the album “Agadez” make a perfect accompaniment to Bombino’s live show, which is a must see.”

Vetiver- Can’t You Tell

“Sounds to me like a mix of Clube de Esquina and something off of Beach Boys’ “Surf’s Up”.  Rich and warm sounding.”

Papercuts – Do You Really Wanna Know

“Old friends from the bay area make their best track yet.”

Charles Bradley – The World (Is Going Up in Flames)

“WTF. This guy came out of nowhere and kills it. And the recording is so incredible. Makes me wanna dig up Stax records for days.”

Gardens and Villa – Orange Blossom

“It’s all about the flute.”

Christina Black – When I Think of Christmas

“Who says Jews can’t like xmas songs?”